Session formats
Session themes
Webinar guidelines
Session formats
Session themes
Webinar guidelines

Learn how we can help you plan affordable professional learning facilitated by our experienced team. The Critical Thinking Consortium is renowned for its high-quality face-to-face and online sessions. We offer variable formats on a wide range of topics that can be customized to suit particular needs.

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  • To discuss or arrange a session or program, contact one of our regional professional learning consultants: Maria Vamvalis (Ontario, Eastern Canada and International) or Maxx Lapthorne (Central and Western Canada)
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Face-to face sessions

We offer face-to-face sessions in five formats.

  • Workshops. Hands-on working sessions to explore key ideas and practical strategies, or to deepen understanding and extend application of thinking in the classroom
  • Plenary sessions. Interactive sessions of more than 80 participants to introduce key ideas and practical strategies or to deepen understanding and extend application of critical, creative and collaborative thinking in the classroom
  • Keynote addresses. Inspirational, interactive presentations of 90 minutes or less with large groups to examine various aspects of thinking and their relationships to other themes such as inquiry, digitally-enhanced learning, differentiation, assessment for learning, student engagement and self-regulated learning
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder planning and consultation. Small group or individual opportunities to collaborate with a facilitator to explore ideas and to co-plan lessons and units
  • In-class modeling. Opportunities to co-teach a class with a TC² facilitator or to observe a demonstration lesson and discuss the experience

Online sessions

TC² offers online sessions to complement face-to-face workshops and presentations. Online coaching is a practical and effective element of a customized professional learning program.

  • Spotlight sessions. One-hour interactive live webinars that develop deeper understanding of various aspects of a thinking classroom. These sessions provide opportunities for instruction, dialogue and helpful tips for educators who have had a basic introduction to our approach. They are arranged for dates and times that are convenient for their participants.
  • Online coaching. Informal, online opportunities for participants to explore ideas, ask questions and obtain feedback and advice at a time chosen by the Partner
  • Scripted productions. More formal, fully-scripted and recorded productions may be commissioned to provide participants with an archived presentation that they may view repeatedly