Planning and booking
Session and program fees
Planning and booking
Session and program fees

Face-to-face sessions

TC² has a range of daily and hourly professional fees for face-to-face workshops, keynotes/plenary sessions, and mentoring by our facilitators and featured speakers in various circumstances. Groups that are Partners receive services at a reduced rate.

Any session booked for this upcoming academic year prior to September 15th, 2017 will be honoured at the rate quoted at the time of booking.

In Canada Partner Non-partner

Workshop / shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring / onsite consultation

$1000/day ($250/h)*

$1250/day ($315/h)*

Conference Keynote / Plenary


Internationally Partner Non-partner

Workshop / shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring / onsite consultation

Starting at $1960/day**

Starting at $2450/day**

Conference Keynote / Plenary

Starting at $3500**

Starting at $4400**

Minimum length: Face-to-face sessions have a minimum fee based on session length of 90 minutes.

*Workshop size: For maximum interaction, 35 participants or fewer are ideal. A surcharge will apply for workshops with significantly larger numbers.

**Workshop fee: The criteria for determining costs will be reviewed by the professional learning consultant in conjunction with the facilitator. Factors that impact cost may include integrating local context, curriculum review, extended preparation time and translation of materials/services.

Negotiable fees: Keynote/plenary rates are negotiable for smaller groups and special events.

Travel and accommodation costs: The client is responsible for covering any expenses associated with the facilitator’s travel to the site. This may include mileage ($0.50/km), hotel, meals, taxis, parking, car rental and airfare.

Extended travel charge: Where Partner and client policies permit, TC² may charge an additional fee to cover the facilitator’s travel time to and from workshop destinations:

  • 4 to 6 hours - $100
  • 6 to 8 hours - $175
  • more than 8 hours - $250
Facilitator release charge: Some TC² facilitators are also employed as educators. An additional fee, which will be confirmed at the time of booking, may be required to cover the facilitator’s release.

Workshop materials: Normally, the client will assume responsibility for reproducing workshop handouts for participants. If TC² is asked to do this, the client will be billed at cost for any duplication expenses.

Cancellation policy: Given the high demand for facilitation sessions, TC² greatly appreciates having as much notice as possible when cancellation of a session becomes necessary. The professional learning consultants will make every effort to find a suitable date for re-scheduling of the session. When re-scheduling is not possible, the following cancellation policy will apply:

When notice of cancellation is received 8 business days prior to a scheduled session, no cancellation fee will apply. TC² will however require reimbursement for all direct expenses (i.e. airfare) that were incurred.

When notice of cancellation is received fewer than 8 business days prior to a scheduled session, and the session cannot be re-scheduled to a later date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the session will apply. Extenuating and unforeseen circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Currency: Domestic and international fees are payable in Canadian $ unless otherwise negotiated.

Online sessions

TC² has differential fees for two types of online learning sessions. Groups that are Partners receive a reduced rate.

Partner Non-partner

Online workshops Individual, one-hour sessions selected from our developed Spotlight sessions and scheduled at a time and date that is convenient for the group requesting the session. Some customization of content is possible.

$300 (maximum 30 participants)

$400 (maximum 30 participants)

Online coaching Online opportunity with a facilitator to explore ideas, ask questions and obtain feedback and advice on issues chosen by the requesting group.

$120/hour (in Canada)

$150/hour (International)

$160/hour (in Canada)

$200/hour (International)

Customization: If significant customization of an online workshop is requested additional fees may be charged depending on the amount of modification required.

Currency: Domestic fees are payable in Canadian $; international fees are payable in US$.

Cancellation policy: There is no charge to the client for cancellation of an online session unless the facilitator has devoted time to planning or customizing the session. In these cases, the client will be billed at cost for planning time.

Partner-developed programs

Instructional leaders in districts and schools wishing to design a professional learning program for their staff are encouraged to draw upon our wide range of services and products. These include learning opportunities (face-to face and online workshops, plenary sessions, keynote addresses, shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring and onsite planning and consultation) and access to multiple collections of online and print teaching resources.

Below are two sample programs: a one-year school-based and a three-year district-wide program. These estimates do not include the cost of teacher release or travel costs. The cost of a program can be determined by calculating and adding the fees for individual workshops and sessions and for any resource purchases. Groups that are Partners receive services and resources at a reduced rate.

Sample one-year school-based program

  • 3 day-long face-to-face workshops
  • 2 one-hour online after-school coaching sessions
  • 15 copies of Creating Thinking Classrooms
  • 1 school copy of The Competency Toolkit
Sample three-year district-wide program

  • 3 day-long plenary sessions across the district
  • 10 day-long school-based workshops (3 initial sessions by featured speakers)
  • 10 one-hour online after-school sessions directed to specific subject areas (30 participants in each session)

Certificate programs

The fees for certificate programs depend on the nature of the program. We currently offer one certificate program on Coaching in critical inquiry. Participants who are Individual Members or employed by a Partner group receive a reduced rate.

Partner/Member Non-partners

Coaching in critical inquiry

Sequenced program of 4 modules of 4 sessions each, with online support and practice opportunities between sessions leading to a certificate of achievement


(for all 16 sessions)


(for all 16 sessions)