We are pleased to launch our 2017-2018 catalogue. This catalogue showcases our new and upcoming resources that support critical, creative and collaborative thinking, and provides a comprehensive overview of our products and services. Check out what’s inside and build on your TC² library!

Welcome to our newest TC² Partners:

  • University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC
  • Matawa Learning Centre in Thunder Bay, ON
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Free webinars from OTF Connects featuring TC² facilitators

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Developing Conceptual Understandings Across the Curriculum
Presenter: Maria Vamvalis
Date: November 16
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Audience: K-8
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Nurturing Habits of Mind Through Intermediate Math Inquiries
Presenter: Maria Vamvalis
Date: December 7
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Audience: 6-9
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How Should We Respond to Our Changing Earth?
Engaging Students in Critical Inquiry for Global Environmental Citizenship

Maria Vamvalis, TC² facilitator and professional learning coordinator, was asked by UNESCO to write an opinion piece about critical thinking and teaching climate change. Maria believes that engaging students in meaningful inquiries that transcend the classroom is vitally important in a complex and changing world. Developing deep understandings about climate change and considering how we can respond in inspiring, sustainable ways is possible when students are nurtured to explicitly develop the intellectual tools required for creative, critical and collaborative thinking.

Acknowledging excellence

Several talented and dedicated individuals within the TC² community of Partners were recently recognized for their excellent contributions. Laura Gini-Newman was the recipient of the Karen LaRone Hidden Hero Educator Award and Yukina Kuo, was the recipient of the Karen LaRone Hidden Hero Student Award, both in recognition of their thoughtful, responsible actions that inspire the best in others. Amanda Hamm received the Class ACT Award in recognition of her achievements in embedding critical thinking into her own practice and furthering critical thinking with her students or colleagues.

Snapshots in Time in the news

Lindsay Gibson recently spoke with CBC radio and the University of Alberta about the Snapshots in Time cards.

Click here to listen to his interview with CBC Edmonton.

Click here to listen to his interview with CBC Radio West.

Click here to read his interview with the University of Alberta.

Snapshots in Time: Significant Events in Canadian History Set 1

We are pleased to announce the release of the first set of cards in our Snapshots in Time collection. The Significant Events in Canadian History series consists of three sets of cards focusing on 150 significant events in the history of what became known as Canada from its pre-history to present day. This first set of 50 cards can be used as a game, learning tool, learning resource or assessment strategy to help your students investigate well-known historical events that are commonly included in K-12 curricula across Canada. Each card focuses on a significant historical event in Canadian history and includes a title, a description of the event and an iconic image that provides clues about the event and when it occurred.

Teaching kids to think critically is crucial for their future

In this era of increased automation, where virtually everything is Googleable, teaching kids to think critically is more important than ever.

Read the complete article in the Toronto Star, published June 4th, 2017.

Critical thinking for all

This powerful video captures the essence of a thinking classroom through the experiences of Maria Vamvalis, TC² facilitator and professional learning coordinator, and her students. The students’ insightful and passionate responses as they explore the topics of Inquiry-pac unit 7A: Physical Patterns in a Changing World through the TC² approach shows the positive impact of teaching critical, creative and collaborative thinking skills that are meaningful and engaging to all. (4:04 minutes)