Membership activation

If your district or school is NOT a TC² Partner, you may want to become an Individual Member of our Consortium. The annual membership fee enables you to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

To purchase an Individual membership, please visit our Online shop.

Free access to online teaching resources

Individual Members receive free access to three TC² online resource collections containing exemplary teaching ideas:

Tools 4 Thought

The over 80 Tools for Thought tutorial lesson plans teach the tools students need to develop competence in thinking, communicating and acting.

Critical Challenges

The hundreds of Critical Challenges lesson plans that range from primary to senior grades in varied subjects embed critical thinking and inquiry activities into the teaching of content.

Source Docs

Source Docs contains over one thousand carefully selected images, documents and background sheets to support inquiry in history, social studies, geography and science.

Free access to professional learning resources

Individual Members receive free access to professional learning resources and other materials not available to the general public:

Tips for Teachers

Tips for Teachers include PDF and video resources offering helpful hints and practical strategies on how to implement thinking.

Stories from the Classroom

Stories from the Classroom contain written accounts and videos depicting the in-class experiences of teachers and other educators working to support thinking.

Critical Discussions

Critical Discussions offer helpful professional articles that explore a range of issues related to understanding, implementing and assessing thinking.

Video Chats

Video Chats are brief, engaging videos that explain the theory and practice of nurturing thinking in the classroom.

Discounts on professional services and published resources

workshops and online sessions

A 20% discount on face-to-face presentations and workshops and online sessions that provide comprehensive professional learning support

Teaching resources

A 20% discount on published teaching resources that offer lesson and unit plans for embedding thinking into day-to-day teaching and on TC² developed professional resources that advance teacher understanding of key educational concepts and practices


A 20% discount on Inquiry-pacs licenses for comprehensive online resources, containing detailed teaching instructions, easy-to-use student materials and visual displays for the curriculum in selected grades and jurisdictions